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Boomer is the sweetest of the Rowdyruff Boys.


Boomer is like the baby. He cries when he doesn't get his way or when someone picks on him. Boomer is also the most confident of the group. He takes great pride in his vanity. His hair mostly is his pride. He can take *hours* brushing and combing his hair. Boomer often uses his irresistibly cute looks for attention and to trick people into giving him a pass for his actions.

Intelligence and Problem SolvingEdit

Boomer sometimes expresses himself very baby-like because he feels that it would ruin his reputation at the "adorable baby" so that being said, he might not use his brain and rather play dumb. But out of the Rowdyruffs, he is the second most intelligent member of the group. . One thing you need to know is that whatever Boomer learns, comes mostly from Brick. Problem solving, however, is difficult for him because of his childlike ways. He often relies on Brick (and sometimes Butch) to help him out. Because of the fact that Brick is more intelligent, Boomer will most likely follow his plans.


Boomer's view of morality is very child-like. He has a hard time distinguishing between right and wrong and often gets annoyed by Brick's "Mr. Mom" attitude and wonders why he is like that towards him and Butch. 

Likes and DislikesEdit

RRB Coloring by sahara lynne


  • Flowers
  • Stuffed animals
  • drawing
  • Glitter
  • Soap operas
  • Fighting crime



  • Octopuses
  • The guy on the oatmeal box
  • The dark
  • Being alone
  • Being ugly
  • No attention
  • Fitting in
  • Being told "no"